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Written by hamshow123, Directed By hamshow123
hamshow123, Nguyena, revenger123, AA191
Release Info
Distributed By: Hamshow Productions, Released: March 11, 2011
Runtime: 20:16

COLONY is an award-winning movie about two strangers who come together to survive the zombie apocalypse. Along the way they meet several others, who help them make it to Miami to find their families.


  • In Part 1, Royce's last name is revealed to be Smith. But in Part 3, it changes to Miller.
  • When Alex and Kyra meet Royce in the lab, he's wearing a different costume than before. When they all run outside, he reverts back to his original costume.
  • In some scenes, the actors usernames can be seen.
  • In Part 2, Appa introduces Alex and Kyra to Bob. However, they never told Appa their names.
  • It is never mentioned how the raft appeared by the Colony
  • It is never mentioned how Alex knew the passcode to the lab


  • It took about 7 months to complete the film.
  • There is a PokeCenter in the first city.
  • In Part 3, Revenger was played by lightningstrike103 because of revenger123's computer issues. This is not mentioned in the credits.
  • The director, hamshow123, won the Golden R Award for Best Director for the movie, even though Part 3 hadn't been uploaded yet.
    • Nguyena (the actress who played Kyra) won Best Actress for this movie as well.