The screen is black. A paragraph fades in reading:
"On October 30th, 2011, a group of scientists had finally perfected a man-made disease called Vermillion Disease, named after the shade of a person's skin when they died of infection. The disease was made to be used against enemy countries by it's genius nature of staying completely hidden, but changing the host so they try to infect as many people as possible in it's remaining hours."

The paragraph fades away to reveal another:
"On October 31st, 2011, the disease went through it's final test before its release."

6AM appears on a black background.
Anthony wakes up on a couch. He's sitting next to his friend Nguyena.
Anthony: Where are we?
Nguyena: *wakes up* Anthony? What's going on?
Anthony: I'm not sure...
A person on the floor near Anthony suddenly stands up.
Chris: Whoa, where are we?!
Anthony: I don't know... who are all you people?
The rest of the room starts to stand up. There are 9 people total: Anthony, Nguyena, Chris, Kye, R, Jacob, April, Ethan, and Rodger. Surrounding them are nine cups of tea.
Jacob: April, are you okay?
April: Yeah. What's happening, Jacob? Where are we?
Rodger: Ethan, is that you?
Ethan: Yeah. What happened?
Suddenly, the TV turns on. A military sign shows before we see a silhouette of a person.
???: Good morning, everyone. How are you today?
Kye: Awful! What's going on?
???: You are in a field test for a certain military virus.
Chris: I didn't sign up for this!
???: Actually, you did. The point of this experiment was to make sure none of you knew which one was infected. I had your memories wiped of everything since we came to your doorstep.
Rodger: What's the disease?
???: We call it Vermillion Disease. The virus spreads to your brain, making your only wish to infect as many people as possible in the next 24 hours.
Ethan: What happens in 24 hours?
???: The disease will take over your brain and kill you.
April: I'm not dealing with this crap! I'm outta here! Come on, Jacob.
April walks over to the front door and gasps. The door is blocked by a wall of cement.
???: I'm afraid you can't leave, April. We have decided that the virus is too dangerous to be taken out of this household. If you need to go outside, there's a backyard surrounded by electric fencing.
Anthony: You can't just let us all die here!
???: Oh, I won't. If the whole household becomes infected, I will give you all the cure and set you free. If all the infected are killed, then the rest will be quarantined and set free.
Nguyena: Well tell us which one's infected so we can stay away from them!
???: I can't do that, Nguyena. It would defeat the purpose of the test. If you guys really don't want to stay in this house anymore, there's a green button in the back room that will destroy it... and all of you.
The TV shuts off.
Rodger: I'm not staying in here waiting to die, I'm climbing that fence!
Rodger runs towards the backyard.
Ethan: Wait, Rodger!
The entire room runs to the backyard to watch.
Rodger runs towards the fence at full speed. When he hits it, a loud popping sound is heard, followed by a flash of light and a dead Rodger.
Nguyena: (screams)
Ethan: NO!!! RODGER!!! (grabs a pole off the ground)
April: What are you-?
Anthony: You heard him, we don't know who's infected...
Ethan: (pauses, then drops the pole) You're right. It could be me for all I knew...
Anthony: You'll be ok. I'll get the others to bury his body.
As the others confront Ethan, the camera zooms in on Chris.

That night, everyone had found a bed and was sleeping. We see a hidden camera pointed at Chris and Kye's bunk bed. Chris slowly starts to get off the top bunk, then he leans over and bites Kye in his sleep. There's a purple flash, then Chris starts to walk out of the room, followed by Kye.

We find Anthony, Nguyena, Jacob, and April in the living room, watching Colony.
Anthony: Hm... Kyra looks just like you...
Nguyena: Yeah... and Alex looks almost exactly like you...
Kye enters the room behind the couch, scaring everyone.
Jacob: Whoa Kye, you scared us!
Kye: Jacob, you need to see this. Hurry!
Jacob: Okay, I'm coming. (to group) You don't have to pause, I've seen this before.
Jacob follows Kye to the top of the lobby stairs, where Chris is lying.
Jacob: (gasps) Is he... dead?
Kye: I'm not sure...
Jacob: I'm a doctor, I can try CPR. (leans down over body)
Chris: (wakes up and bites Jacob)
Another purple flash is seen, this one getting the notice of Anthony.
Anthony: You guys see that?
April: See what?
Anthony: I don't know... I'm gonna go check on Kye and Jacob.
Ngueyna; All right.
Anthony walks slowly and suspenseful up there stairs. When he gets to the top, a loud bang is heard, making Anthony scream.
Nguyena: (from kitchen) Sorry, dropped a pan!
Anthony: God, Nguyena, you scared the crap out of- AH!
Anthony turns back around to see Kye staring at him. He has blood around his mouth from biting Jacob.
April and Nguyena run out of the kitchen to the lobby, where Kye is slowly following Anthony down the stairs.
April: What do we do? We need a gun!
A ding sound is heard from underneath the stairs. There, two pistols lay. April and Nguyena both grab one and run out back to the lobby.
Anthony: HELP!
Nguyena and April shoot Kye. Kye falls down the stairs, dead. His skin turns green.
The three look over Kye's body before April suddenly gasps.
April: Jacob!
April runs up the stairs to the game room, where Jacob is sitting on the couch.
April: What happened?
Jacob: Nothing, I'm fine.
The camera points to Jacob's arm, where his bite mark vanishes into his skin. April doesn't notice.
April: I'll wake everyone up and we can meet in the back room.

The group stands in a circle in the back room.
Anthony: We killed the infected, why aren't we being released?
Nguyena: They probably won't get us until morning. I say we go back to sleep.
Ethan: What about Kye's body? What if it's still diseased?
April: I say we throw him over the fence.

We see the house at night from the back, where Kye's body lays on the other side of the fence.

The hidden camera shows April and Jacob's bed. Jacob slowly gets out of bed, and starts to walk towards April's side.
April: (wakes up) Jacob, what are you- AH!
Jacob lunges at April, but she dodges and runs to Anthony and Nguyena's room. He tries to chase but he trips.

Another hidden camera shows Anthony and Nguyena's bed. April bursts in, causing Nguyena to scream.
April: (crying) Guys, Jacob's been infected!
Anthony: Oh April, I'm so sorry!
Jacob: (rams into door)
All: (scream)
Nguyena: Anthony, how do we get out of here?
Anthony: We can't! All the windows are shatterproof and nailed shut!
Nguyena: April, do you have your gun?
Nguyena: (pulls out pistol) I'm sorry, April. (opens door)
Jacob bursts into the room. As he tries to bite Nguyena, the latter shoots him in the face. Jacob's skin turns green.
April: NOOOOOO! (cries harder)
Nguyena: April, I'm really sorry. But now this means we'll be released!
Anthony: That sounded like Ethan!

Nguyena, Anthony, and April burst into Ethan and R's room next door. Chris runs out of the room screaming. Nguyena, in panic, shoots Ethan.
Anthony: This HAS to be the last of the infected, right?!
Ethan's skin turns green.
Anthony: Good, he was infected.
R: (peeks out from bathroom) Is it okay to come out.
April: It's safe, J-... um... I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?
R: R.
April: Ar? Like short for Ariel?
R: No, just the letter R.
April: Ok R, let's get you downstairs for a cup of tea or something, ok?
R: Yeah, okay.

April, Nguyena, Anthony, Chris, and R are all sleeping in different rooms. Nguyena has her room, Anthony has the living room couch, April has her room, R has hers, and Chris has his. Anthony wakes up after a nightmare and looks at the clock.
Anthony: Ugh, 4 o'clock.
He decides to get up and walk out into the backyard, enjoying the stars.

Meanwhile, the hidden cameras show Chris getting out of his bed again. He walks silently down the attic stairs towards Nguyena's room.

We again see Anthony outside. He sees a shadow outside the gate and gasps. On closer look, he sees that it's just the bodies of Kye, Jacob, and Ethan. He then notices the bite marks on Kye and Jacob's arms, now visible again.
Anthony: (quietly) Bite marks...
Anthony gets as close to the gate as possible without touching it and loos at Ethan's arm. Even though his skin is green, there isn't a bite mark.
Anthony: Wait a minute... what if he wasn't infected?
Anthony breaks open Rodger's makeshift coffin and gasps. Rodger's skin is green.
Anthony: (gasps)
Suddenly, he hears a scream from Nguyena's room.
Anthony; NGUYENA!
Nguyena is screaming in her room, holding her gun. She tries to click it as Chris get's closer.
April runs out of her room but trips, knocking her and her gun off the balcony. She lands hard on the ground, out of breath, while her gun slides under the front door to freedom.
Anthony runs back inside, through the back room, into the lobby, up the stairs, and to Nguyena's room.
Nguyena: (runs into hall) Anthony, we need another gun!
Another ding sound rings through the house. Anthony runs down the stairs to the closet from before, where he finds a shotgun.
Nguyena backs up slowly towards April's room. As Chris gets to the centre of the hall, Anthony shoots him with the shotgun. Chris's body falls down the stairs like Kye's, but this time he falls on top of Anthony.
Anthony: (from on ground) Nguyena! I need to tell-
A flash of purple light brightens the room, causing Nguyena to fall over.
Nguyena: What was that?
Anthony: (stands up) I'm not sure...
Nguyena: What did you need to tell me?
Anthony's arm has a bite mark in it, but it fades into his skin as he replies "Nothing".
Nguyena: (walks down stairs) Oh come on, there has to- AH!
Anthony pounces onto Nguyena, trying to bite her arm.
Nguyena: Anthony! Get off of me!
April and R run out of their rooms and down the stairs. April jumps over the two and grabs the shotgun on the floor. When she turns around, R runs toward her screaming. April shoots and kills her. She tries to shoot Anthony, but she realizes she's out of bullets.
April: COME ON!
She and Nguyena run into the kitchen. Anthony follows and tries to attack April. As he does, Nguyena locks the first door, then grabs April, runs out of the room, and locks the other. Anthony is trapped inside, growling viciously.
Nguyena: You okay, April?
April: Yeah, I'm fine. (looks outside) What happened to Rodger's grave?
The two walk outside and see Rodger's green skin.
April: Wait, how can he have green skin? He was never bitten!
Nguyena: Oh no...
April: What?
Nguyena: The tea... there must have been something in it that turned our skin green when we died...
April: How many innocent people have we killed tonight?
Nguyena: (walks back inside) I know what we need to do.
April: What?
???: Good morning, you two. It's 6AM!
Nguyena and April look outside and see the sun rising. They then walk into the living room.
Nguyena: Let us out!
???: And risk exposure?
April: What do you mean?
The silhouette disappears, revealing a recognizable man.
April: You're the head of the Department of Defence! Jack Venger!
Jack: That's right. And you aren't leaving. I can't risk the virus travelling though my country.
Nguyena: We aren't infected!
Jack: It doesn't matter. You two are carriers of the virus now, and we need to study you.
Suddenly, four soldiers appear at the top of the lobby stairs. April and Nguyena run out to see what's going on.
April: (screams)
Nguyena: You promised to let us go!
Jack: Not all promises can be kept. You are needed for careful study!
Nguyena: (pulls April into the back room) Study THIS. (steps on button)
We see the beginnings of the explosion right before the screen goes black again. Another paragraph appears.

"November 1, 2011. The virus is destroyed in an accidental explosion of the testing house caused by a gas leak. 4 people died in the explosion: all soldiers. The monkeys used for testing were safely removed from the facility before the explosion and released back into the wild after given an antidote."

The paragraph disappears, replaced by someone's handwriting.
"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,
As much as you hate to hear it, your daughter Nguyena did not die in a car crash. She died in the explosion at Jack Venger's lab. It wasn't monkeys that were tested on, it was innocent people, and everyone there was murdered. It's up to you to now to put the truth out.
April Noble"

After the credits, we see April standing on the balcony of her house, watching the sunrise. Her son appears behind her.
Son: Mom, someone called Mr. Johnson wants to speak to you
April: (picks up phone) Hello?
Mr. Johnson: We know how to stop Jack Venger.