The Evil Duck
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Written by Howie S., Directed By Howie S.
Howie, Allyson, Taryn, Tyler, Madee
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Distributed By: Hamshow1, Released: In Production
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Dead By 5:30,

Army of Donuts

The Evil Duck is a comedic spin-off of the popular movie "The Evil Dead". Sequels include The Evil Duck II: Dead By 5:30 and The Evil Dead III: Army of Donuts.


Five kids (Dash, his girlfriend Lindy, his sister Cherry, and his two friends Seashell and Sammy) go on vacation to a cabin somewhere in Illinois.


Actor Character
Howie S. Dash
Allyson M. Lindy
Taryn R. Cherry
Madee S. Seashell
Tyler R. Sammy
Tyler R. The Duck
Kevin G. Professor Toby
Kevin G. The Tree